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"The Gideon In You"

To purchase "The Gideon In You" click on one of these  Barnes & Noble . com  Books A Million . com

The story behind "The Gideon In You"

In 2004 I was reading the Bible through and ran across a sermon/message in Judges Chapter six.  I quickly outlined the sermon and thanked the Lord and continued reading.  Over the next 45 minutes the Holy Spirit helped me to see and outline five more sermons now making the total six.  The title of the sermon series would be "The Gideon In You".  I rejoiced in the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  He has always been faithful to give me something to preach, not just anything, but the message He desires.  As I sat there the Lord also said to my heart "this is to be a book, here is your baby".

During that time Nikki and I were expecting our third child.  We already had two girls, so we were thinking we might have a boy and if so I wanted to name him Gideon. No one liked the name but me.  Well, in August "Hannah" was born and we were excited to have another girl.

Back to my office and the sermons....the Lord was now giving me a baby to give birth to...a baby that turned out to be a book entitled "The Gideon In You".  Over the next six years this book was written and was finally completed in October of 2010.  It really didnt take that long to write the book, but God's timing was involved throughout the whole process.  There would be months in which I didnt pick the project up at all, and in other months I would write a little bit every week.  One thing is for sure, looking back I can now see that God's timing was involved.

Today, I am excited to announce that "The Gideon In You" is not only published by Aventine Press but is also available at and .  When ordered the book will arrive in 3-5 business days.

My prayer is that God will use this book for His glory.  A lost person can find Christ through this book due to the gospel being shared a handfull of times. A saved person will realize that God can use them for His glory...that serving Him is part of His plan for their life. 

Pray for this book to be just another tool in His hand that will point people to Jesus Christ.  Pray that people will read it and forget that I wrote it....but understand that the Holy Spirit wanted me to write it etc.  Pray for lives to be changed, not by this book, but by the God this book proclaims.