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They Are Watching Us

Posted by Jason on February 13, 2019 at 10:30 AM

Today we live in a narcissistic period in which many people are struck on themselves. Many feel like they are in the spotlight and that everyone is watching them. Our young people have watched countless Disney shows/movies that have trained them up to think that everyone is a princess, a super hero, a pop singer or fill in the get the picture.

To the Christian the Bible says that people outside of Christ are watching you. They are paying attention to what the Christian says, how they say it, what they do and where they go. They are watching us, people that do not know Jesus Christ as their personal savior are watching Christians. They may not say anything, but they are watching. So if you are a Christian, what should you do in light of the fact that lost people are watching you? And let me add to the pressure... God is watching you.

Here are a few take away's from Colossians chapter four that will help you:

1. We are to be prayerful in our character. (see Col. 4:2-4)

Paul is writing this letter to the church at Colosse and is giving them instructions for living out their Christian life in the midst of a lost world. Paul was a very prayerful person and here in these verses Paul challenges the Colossian believers to continue in prayer with earnest...meaning, they were to be vigilant in prayer.

Staying focused in times of prayer is hard. It seems like if there is a dog nearby he will bark, if there is a loud car nearby it finds its way into your neighborhood and sometimes even the clock in your office/home ticks really loud when you pray.

Satan also knows that there is power in prayer, so he does his best to distract you. The flesh will also come up with multiple options that might seem more important at the time. The need to focus during times of prayer is real.

But how does focused prayer relate to people watching us? If we are not prayerful in our character then holiness and the proper witness will not show up in our behavior. Which leads to #2.

2. We are to be prudent in our conduct. (see Col. 4:5)

We need to guard our conduct, we need to be careful how we operate in this world....especially toward those that are not Christian. Why? Again, they are watching us to see if our walk with "God" has really changed our behavior. People outside of the family of God want to know if God can really change a persons life. In fact, they want to know if God can change their life. So, they watch the Christian in the work place, at the ball field, in the check out line at Wal-Mart etc. They want to see if our walk matches our talk.

This is why Paul says we need to walk in wisdom toward those who are outside of the Christian faith. Paul also says that we are to redeem the time, meaning that we need to make sure that our conversation counts...which leads to #3.

3. We are to be careful with our conversation. (see Col. 4:6)

Paul says our speech needs to be full of grace. (which is unmerited favor)

Paul says our speech needs to be seasoned with salt. (which has healing and preserving properties). We are to be gracious, helpful, approachable and loving. We are to also be prepared to speak on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ as a witness. We are to be careful with all of our conversations.

In doing so Paul says we will know how to answer each one. Who is he talking about? The people that are watching you. And you guessed it, they have questions about God, Jesus Christ, salvation and the list goes on. Who will they look to for those answers? The Christian that was prayerful in character, prudent in conduct and careful with their conversation.

Question: Is that you? Do you want that to be you? If so, stay in the Word of God, allow the Holy Spirit to help you apply the Word, allow the Holy Spirit to produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit in you (see Galatians 5:22-23). And by all means, make yourself available to anyone and everyone that has a question about the things of God....they need you to speak up!

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