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Four People That Are Difficult To Disciple

Posted by Jason on November 1, 2017 at 7:35 AM

One of the most frustrating realities concerning discipleship is that some Christians don't want to grow in the Lord.  Now, of course, they would all say they want to grow, but by their very actions or lack of commitment its obvious that they really don't want to grow.

Over the years I have had the privilege of leading a number of church's and while on the front lines of ministry I have seen some people under my teaching grab what the Lord is using me to say, while others sitting under that same teaching choose to yawn or walk away from the church within a few months.  They both received the same effort from me, the teacher, but you see two different results.  The difference?  One person wanted to grow and take ownership of their discipleship and one did not want to take any initiative at all or got distracted. 

From my experience, I want to share with you four people that are difficult to disciple.  My hope is that you and I would choose not to be one of these four.  My prayer is that we would all take initiative and step toward growing in the Lord and embrace the sanctification process that lies before us. 

Four People That Are Difficult To Disciple:

1) The Unfaithful

The unfaithful person is someone that has a desire but rarely follows through.  They are often times unfaithful in the little bit of responsibility that they have....they usually want more responsibility but due to their lack of follow through no one will entrust them with more.  They are simply unfaithful.  As a Sunday School Teacher or Preacher you try to teach them but they are the "Sermon Listener" and rarely walk out of the church on Sunday and "Do" the Word.  They are hearers only with good intentions.  A Christian like that is very difficult to disciple and often times their inward frustration leads them to become a critic of everyone else that is growing in the Lord. 

"He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much".  Luke 16:10

2) The Unavailable

The unavailable person is way too busy.  They are just too busy.  Their life is characterized by jumping at everything that wants their attention.  They sign their kids up for any and all activities that are placed in front of them.  This same person usually has trouble saying "no" to people.  And due to all of this "over the top" activity their are unavailable to advance in the discipleship process.  Church attendance for this person is erratic, hit or miss or almost non-existant.  They say they want to grow but then they defend why they never attend a Bible study and/or worship services.  They are simply unavailable. 

Today, people like this defend their position by saying "I don't have to attend church to be a good Christian".   The truth is, if a person is too busy for Bible study and too busy for church, then they are likely too busy to spend time with the Lord alone on a Tuesday.  In fact, when a person makes themsleves available to the discipleship process and digs into the Word and grows in the Lord...their desire to assemble with the Saints grows within their heart. 

3) The Unteachable

The unteachable person wants to understand the things of the Lord but is unwilling to learn.  They often times want to know the truth but don't really want to apply the truth.  The result?  you have someone that is unteachable, someone that refuses to learn anything new from the Lord.  Sometimes this person is very intelligent and is highly educated.  While intelligence is good and education is important...we all need to commit to being lifelong learners of the things of God.  When we feel like our Sunday School Teacher or Preacher cannot teach us anything new, without knowing it, we stiff arm the Holy Spirit and are saying "we don't want to learn".  

The unteachable person also has an appearance of having their act together and most of the time they have been in the church for many years.   New Christians and younger Christians look up to these people, however, this well experienced church attender is not growing in the Lord any more due to their unteachable nature.  Often times a 10 year old that gets saved surpasses the unteachable older Saint due to the child having a teachable spirit. 

Over the years of being a pastor, I have had a few older Saints tell me that "they probably won't learn anything new under my leadership, that they have studied it all".   Friends, that is sad.  Paul in Philippians 3:13 pretty much said that he had not "arrived".  If the Apostle Paul needed to continue in his spiritual growth, how about us?

4) The Unbeliever

Occasionally Christians get caught up in trying to teach unbelievers spiritual disciplines that an unbeliever cannot understand due to their lost nature.  Our job as Christians and the church is to evangelize unbelievers and then when they are converted we then teach them how to grow in the Lord.  Often times we are trying to help unbelievers with their behavior, rather than their true problem which is their need of redemption.   This is why an unbeliever is difficult person to disciple. 

Lets take a closer look at the church.  Perhaps we have some folks in the church that fail to grow spiritually because they may have never been saved in the first place.  What do you think about that?  Could it be that some non-spiritual church members don't really get it....all because they never were born again?  Have you ever known a church member that seems to stir up strife in the church on a regular basis... you know, that same person that rarely comes to bible study and shows little interest in evangelism?   Could it be that we are attempting to disciple some people in the church that have never been saved....when in fact we should be evangelizing them instead?   Could it be that folks like that in the church have hardened their heart to the gospel to the point that they shut down every week when your pastor shares a gospel invitation?  

Now I know I have thrown alot of "what if's" out there.....but there has to be some reason for the chaos that we experience at times in the body of Christ.  Yes, carnal Christians do exist and cause some issues...sure.  But what if there are more lost people sitting in the pews than we know?  

This is part of the reason I say that an unbeliever is difficult to disciple...they need the Lord first, then they can grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


At the heart of this blog is the desire in my heart to see people genuinely come to faith in Jesus Christ and grow in Lord to the point that their Christ-likeness touches their families, their work place, their communities and their world.   And if you and I find ourselves looking like one of these four people that I have mentioned, let us be quick to repent and follow after Jesus, He is worth our pursuit. 

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