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Avoid Foolish Debates

Posted by Jason on May 10, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Question? Is there someone in your circle of influence that is always divisive? Perhaps a person that gets in heated debates all the time and stirs the pot for no apparent reason?

If so, the Bible has a word for you that will guide you into dealing with that person...

"But avoid foolish debates, genealogies, quarrels, and disputes about the law, because they are unprofitable and worthless. Reject a divisive person after a first and second warning. For you know that such a person has gone astray and is sinning; he is self condemned." Titus 3:9-10

Paul is giving counsel to Titus as he deals with people that attempt to stir up trouble at every turn. Titus was developing leaders in Crete and among the people were these legalistic critics that loved to argue over secondary and non-essential issues. The verses I shared are some of the counsel from Paul.

Have you ever noticed that most arguments and debates that take place in an organization are rarely over essential matters? Most of the time the very things that get us off course with people are non-essential secondary issues. That's why Paul calls such debates foolish, unprofitable and worthless.

 To church folks...there is a word for us in this passage. The next time you want to get hot over some topic or want to go and set someone straight....think about what you are doing. Ask yourself, is this thing that I am upset about an essential or non-essential item? Is debating your position more important than unity and the Christ honoring submission to the rest of the saints?

Over 17 years of being a pastor and over the 35 years I have been a Christian I have rarely seen two Christians debating doctrine (an essential item) in the church. No. Most often you hear of two Christians debating and arguing over parking spaces, pews, carpet color, why is so and so over that ministry, who moved the potted plant, and how loud the organ sounds. All the while, the enemy is laughing, unity goes out the window and lost souls keep going to hell.

So, the next time your flesh wants to get you into an argument with a co-worker, family member, church member or your pastor...ask yourself the this thing that I am upset about really important? Is it essential or non-essential? or is it just going to lead to a debate and argument over personal preferences?

If we are going to ever get upset, let us get upset over lost souls going to hell.

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