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Beyond The Walls

Posted by Jason on April 19, 2016 at 1:05 PM

A few weeks ago our church did something new, something different.  Instead of meeting at the church for our normal Sunday evening worship service....we worshipped beyond the walls.  For several weeks I promoted this opportunity for our church to go "Beyond The Walls" and worship by reaching out to our community in service and by witnessing.  Over 34 church members converged at Victory Park in the heart of Norwood, Ohio.  

In going beyond the walls our goal was to clean the park and to witnes and pray for people that were on the nearby sidewalks.  This opportunity was embraced by young and old alike.  We had several people picking up trash and we had three teams sharing the gospel on the sidewalks and at the bus stops.  We also launched a new ministry that we will be expanding called "The Bread of Life".  In addition to sharing the gospel (the bread of life) with people we also gave them a free loaf of bread that was donated by a local bakery.  In fact, we will be giving out bread and the bread of life twice per month beginning in May.

I'm excited to say that our people enjoyed this opportunity to "be the church" and not just "attend church" on this one particular Sunday evening in April.  In the future, we are going to commit to doing something like this every 6-8 weeks as the weather permits.  The challenge is to find "where" the people are and prayerfully find a way to minister to them and our community. 

When you and I read the gospels we find Jesus walking the streets of cities and towns....

We find Jesus interacting with all kinds of people that have many different needs...

We find Jesus not only meeting their needs but changing their lives forever...

What if Jesus had just stayed in doors?  What if His mindset was....if they want to hear what I have to say, they will have to come to where I am...

Jesus went beyond the walls of a building and touched lives down the streets of towns and villages.  He is still out there on the streets touching lives.  Don't get me wrong, He is also in the church house... but I wonder what would happen if we were to go "Beyond The Walls" more often?  

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